Building a Digital Asset as a Marketing Tool

Posted by Dan | June 8th, 2015 | No responses

The value of creating a remarkable digital asset for your brand can never be oversold. A strong digital brand presence should not only be part of your online marketing strategy but also an implementation of your strategies offline. Trade and digital go hand in hand and are only strengthened by being consistent and clear on each platform and outlet.

In order to create this holistic marketing strategy we ensure there is a consistent online and offline unity. This requires experience in integrating above the line activities with digital and leveraging each one to its maximum potential. Ways to integrate don’t have to be complicated, but they do have to be effective for example we incorporate QR codes and Social Media links on promotional materials to direct consumers online and organically grow the online community.

Integrating in store promotions with online entry mechanics is also effective when running competitions and giveaways. A consumer promotion where the entry mechanic is via Facebook ensures all activity and entries directly grow a community and capture all entrants into the brand communication cycle. We use these tools and techniques along with a keen sense for brand specific design, content and tone to build your brand presence.

Having and building on the digital aspects of your brand is indispensable. It creates a marketing asset of thousands (or hundreds if thousands!) of people who are at your disposal to connect, engage and inform. If you’re running a competition online, performing sampling on site, sponsoring an event or featuring other media forms, you have a sustainable community to reach out to. It’s these actions and campaigns that will see this community, and therefore your sales, experience continual growth.

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