Magners Summer Party Session

Posted by Dan | June 8th, 2015 | No responses

When managing a Facebook community, you quickly learn what the community loves to do and discuss on and offline. The Magners community in particular loves to socialise with their mates, in the summer, over ice cold ciders. By extracting this knowledge of the Magners community, The Shop created Magners Summer […]

Digital Communication Strategy by The Shop

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At The Shop we stand by our belief that without a great communication strategy you have nothing. And we know what it takes to create a brilliant communication strategy that will help you reach your brand goals. This is not a ‘How to Session with The Shop’, this is a […]

Building a Digital Asset as a Marketing Tool

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The value of creating a remarkable digital asset for your brand can never be oversold. A strong digital brand presence should not only be part of your online marketing strategy but also an implementation of your strategies offline. Trade and digital go hand in hand and are only strengthened by […]