• There's Method in the Magners
    • Magners Original Cider
  • Client: Magners

In support of ‘There’s Method In The Magners global brand positioning, The Shop was tasked with creating and managing Magners social media activity.


Focusing on the insight that consumers have their own quirky way of doing things in everyday life and using social media to promote these individualisms, The Shop developed ‘What’s Your Method’ social strategy. A series of ongoing micro campaigns rewarded consumers for sharing their ‘methods’, and made for highly entertaining content in line with Magners tone of voice, positioning the brand as both social, irreverent and desirable in equal measure. The Magners networks also proved to be a very influential and valuable asset when launching new products into market, testing the demographic, and driving further brand awareness.


80% fan growth within a 12-month period, with over 5% engagement levels.