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Drive sales and increase visibility of the Tia Espresso Martini in bars and retail outlets.


To promote bar-call, we custom built a branded Tia Espresso Machine that would earn its place on the back-bar. This was truly useful to bar staff as well making a dramatic visual statement with a branded bar kit including everything required to shake up the perfect Tia Espresso. In support was a promotional kit including point-of-sale and instant wins. In retail we packaged an ‘everything-you-need’ Tia Espresso Kit and secured vital display space by giving shoppers the chance to win a highly desirable Espresso Machine, through a strategic partnership brokered with Lavazza.


The bespoke Tia Maria Espresso Machine increased visibility in high-end bars that usually restrict branding within their venue. It also was a functional branding item, which kept Tia Maria top of mind with consumers and the trade. In retail, Tia Maria visibility was at a record high with precious real estate in stores given to the brand to promote the activity.